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“In the end we will love the mountain just because it demands the utmost from us”

Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger are considered the most successful German expedition mountaineering pair. At nine eight-thousanders, they have been traveling together for the past few years, successfully climbing six summits “by fair means”, without the use of artificial oxygen. Much longer is the list of the six- and seven-thousanders in their tour book. The most difficult climbs, such as the French route through the south face of the Aconcagua (6,962 m), the Cassin Ridge on the Denali (6,193 m) or extreme skiing on the highest mountains in the world, are some of their greatest successes. In addition to their life as professional mountaineers, both are also successful in their professional lives and know what they are talking about. Alix works as a press officer for an international company, Luis leads as a certified mountain and ski guide every year expeditions on the high mountains of the world. In their multivision lectures, they take you into the fascinating world of eight-thousander, perfect as a stage to dramatically symbolize essential principles: a mistake in the company costs you money, an awkwardness in mountaineering the life!

What does business have to do with mountaineering? Find out …

In fact, there are many parallels between our modern working world and alpinism. Executives in the economy and climbers alike strive for performance, have to master their craft safely, make time-consuming decisions, overcome dead points and know their limits – to name but a few points. In their inspiring lecture, take Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger on an impressive journey to the highest mountains in the world. Changing narrative perspectives create a lively live dialogue. Accompanied by breathtaking images and exciting videos, the two extreme mountaineers not only talk about physical and emotional border crossings, but also about the great challenge, a clear goal, teamwork and trust, risk management and decision-making, motivation and belief in one’s own strength. But also of critical self-assessment, setbacks and failures. In succinct scenarios, they mutually transfer problems from the expedition to the business world and, through extreme perspectives, provide transfer impulses that you will remember.

How to drop blinders from an extreme perspective and see unobserved things with new eyes
As you never learn to give up, get motivated each time, and achieve your goals
How to follow your inner compass and find the right path for you
How to realize that good planning is everything without the right improvisation but nothing
How to learn by focusing on the detail, not losing sight of the big picture
How to understand defeat as a necessary opportunity rather than a failure
How to deal with your fear and doubt and accept or overcome it

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Past company events / references:

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JANSSEN-CILAG GmbH Future Forum Pneumonology – Berlin
FDI (Association of Executives of the Printing Industry and Information Processing) – Tegernsee
EVOBUS – Stuttgart
OFFICE Seminars – Munich
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LOWA Sales Meeting – Helsinki
MEDATIXX GmbH – Collegium Center for Communication, Oberems
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