the Gasherbrum I 2018

At 8080 meters altitude, the Gasherbrum I is the third highest peak of Pakistan’s 8,000m peaks and the eleventh highest mountain in the world. It is located in the Karakorum Mountains, on the border between the Pakistani Baltoro region and the Shaksgam region, the westernmost Chinese province of Xinjiang, to the north. Its original nickname, Hidden Peak, was given to the Gasherbrum I, the tallest of a variety of surveys by the sprawling Gasherbrum group, by British explorer William Martin Conway, who explored the area in 1882 and whose views escaped the summit , The first ascent of the Hidden Peak was achieved by a US-American expedition led by Nick Clinch in 1958. The two mountaineers Andy Kauffman and Peter K. Schoening reached the summit over the southern part on July 5 using artificial oxygen in pairs. / southeast ridge. The South Tyrolean Reinhold Messner and the Austrian Peter Habeler were the first people who climbed the summit on August 10, 1975 without the use of artificial oxygen, and then on the difficult northwest face. Only about 350 times the Hidden Peak was climbed to this day – in comparison to the Mount Everest 6000 times. For the most part this happened over the Japanese first ascended north route, since the southern route of the American Erstbesteiger remained closed for a long time due to the Kashmir conflict. The aim of the expedition is, for the first time in more than 40 years, to rejoin the route of the first climbers, ie the southwestern spur (I.H.E. spur) and the south-eastern flank, to the summit with a ski and try a complete downhill descent.


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